Solar Park/Street Lights

We manufacture solar and park street lights to suit a variety of applications, minor roads, parks, wharfs, entrances, gardens.    If you would like an environmentally friendly alternative or  if a grid supply is just too expensive and difficult, a Knight-Light may be right for you.


During the day a set of sealed batteries in the base of the pole is charged up by a solar panel at the top of the pole.  A controller in the base of the unit controls the charging as well as turns the light on at dusk and off in the morning.   The lights are designed to work every day of the year and all night.  Light operation can also be adjusted to turn on and off at designated parts of the night if so desired.


  • Australian design and constructed
  • Simple tilt pole erecting
  • Tamper proof battery compartment and controller housing
  • Low voltage safe operation
  • 10yr Warranty of mechanical components