R & S Knight Pty Ltd have been designing and manufacturing high quality commercial kitchenware and sheet metal products since 1993.

Our products are used in domestic, commercial, industrial and government environments.

Our comprehensive range of services include the following products:

  • Coolrooms and Freezers;
  • Exhaust Canopies;
  • Stainless Benching and Stainless Outdoor Furniture;
  • Wood Heating Products;
  • Heating and Cooling Products;
  • Solar Light Poles, Beams and other Steel Products;
  • General Sheet Metal Products such as Tool Boxes, Ducting and Flashings;
  • Sheet metal Services such as Cutting, Folding and Welding.
 Can’t find what you are looking for?  Ask us anyway.  We will try anything!!

R & S Knight Pty Ltd specialises in making products to suit your needs so contact us to arrange a free quote for a custom made job.  We are happy to manufacture custom fabricated one off sheet metal jobs.  We take time to consider the best way to manufacture your sheet metal prototype, resulting in cost and/or time savings for you.

R & S Knight Pty Ltd products are made to last and to work effectively for years to come.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality, service and competitive pricing.  Our goal is to deliver products that meet our customers expectations at competitive prices.

You can “BUY NOW” some products in our R&S Knight Sheet Metal store on eBay.

Owner Robert Knight with son Ashley